A New Style Of Menswear

We all know the regular blazers traditionally worn by men all around the world. The blue and gray stripes, the black, gray and navy basic… but we have a different approach.

At Fogini, our goal is to create blazers with awesome designs using high-quality materials. These designs were crafted to flatter every figure, no matter your height or build, and can be made to measure by our master tailor, Paul Verschragen.

Meet our master tailor

Paul Verschragen is the 4rd generation of tailors in his family. He grew up with the needle and thread in his hands and a passion for designing menswear that inspires confidence. Paul has high standards concerning quality and a good fit of the jackets. Paul is a great craftsman and had the honor to work for the Royal Family of The Netherlands.

Quality Materials and Workmanship

Production will take place at a factory in Bangkok, Thailand. Our relationship with them stretches back five years, and each sewer is personally trained by Paul to ensure we get the high quality and good fit our brand is known for. Besides standing for an excellent quality product, we believe we can only craft a such product if we create the best possible environment, meaning good salary, guidance, education, and good working conditions.

  • Jelle Verschragen
    Jelle Verschragen Co-Founder / Webdesigner
  • Paul Verschragen
    Paul Verschragen Co-Founder / Master Tailor / Designer

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